My IP Hide Video Tutorial

My IP Hide is a proxy software helping you to hide IP and unblock facebook, youtube, bbc or other sites. It supports both Windows and Mac. It will change your IP to an US or UK IP address.

Just keep My IP Hide (MIH) running when you surf the Internet. MIH will hide your real IP. Here is the video tutorial for Windows edition.

My IP Hide also supports the Macintosh system. Here is the video tutorial for Mac users.

Main Features

  • Hide Real IP: My IP Hide can hide your IP to protect your online privacy and use encrypted connections to prevent Internet tracking from you.
  • Unblock Sites: Open any blocked websites. Webmasters may ban your IP. Company may limit your access to some sites. We break all the blockade for you.
  • Faster than VPN: With our enhanced proxy technology, My IP Hide is faster than VPN, SSH proxy and web proxy. Meanwhile it’s more secure than ordinary proxy.
  • Windows and Mac: My IP Hide supports both Windows and Mac. It supports all the browsers. There is no settings for the major browsers.

We Have A New Customer Area

These days we completely changed our customer area. We have changed the design of its user interface, made many improvements and added many functions.

New Login Page

Here is the screen shot of the new login page. You can also goto our customer area to view the live one. We have add the “Remember Me” function. The “Lost Password” function is improved.

My-Proxy Customer Login

In the former version, the “Lost Password” password function will be shown only after the user submit the wrong password. Now it’s always shown on the login page.

New License Page

Here is the screen shot of the new license page. We are now showing one license by only one line to make the page clear. When you click on the license, it will show the detailed information in a in-page popup.

My-Proxy Customer Licenses

In the former version, all the details are shown on one page. It makes the page too long if the customer has many licenses.

Add Comment Page

Here is the screen shot of the comment page which is the new function. We are now collecting customer’s comments about our products and services.

My-Proxy Customer Comments

We will publish them when we collect enough comments and reviews. Of course, we will protect the privacy of our customers. We won’t publish the email and the full name of the customers. The customer can even choose to post anonymous comments.

Other Improvements

We added a page to list all our products in the customer area. In that page, we also list some coupons for existing customers. The account information is now shown in a separate page with the function to change password. In the former version, it’s shown along with the licenses. The logout button is now shown on the right-top of every page.

To Be Our Customer

Would you like to view the full functions of our new customer area? It’s easy. To be our customer and it’s open to you. Here are all our products. Among them, My IP Hide is our featured product.

We Improved Our Proxy Services

We improved our proxy services these days. We have improved our free web proxy, our proxy software My IP Hide, our http proxy list, socks proxy list and proxy list for website.

Free Web Proxy

Our free web proxy supports more sites. Now our web proxy is optimized for these sites: youtube, facebook, twitter, gmail, msn, hotmail, myspace and yahoo mail. However for some of them, we have to redirect to the mobile/lite version of them. It’s because of the limit of web proxy. However our web proxy should be able to support most sites which don’t use javascript heavily.

My IP Hide

We have improved the activation function of My IP Hide for Singapore users. In Singapore, many Internet Service Provider uses proxy to save bandwidth. So the user will have different IPs for different site. It causes problem for Singapore users to activate My IP Hide. Now we have fixed this problem. No update is needed because the update is done in the server end.

Proxy Lists

Now our proxy list is updated every hour instead of every 6 hours. It affects all our proxy lists, including the free proxy list and the paid proxy list: the http proxy list, socks proxy list and proxy list for website. Now our users should be able to get more working proxies from our proxy list.

Web Proxy VS HTTP Proxy

Web proxy has encryption functions but it can’t support many sites. HTTP proxy is faster than web proxy and support all the sites. But it has no encryption.

Web proxy and HTTP proxy are two common methods for anonymously browsing. Many people use them to hide their real IP and protect online privacy. However, which one is faster, more reliable and better for surfing?

Web Proxy

Web proxy is the easiest way to hide IP. Web proxy is a website with a address bar. Just input the URL of blocked site into that bar and click the “Surf” button. Web proxy will fetch the web page for you showing on its own site. You can try our web proxy here.

Web Proxy

HTTP Proxy

HTTP proxy is a IP:Port pair (ex. All the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and others) support the proxy option. When you set a proxy in browser, the proxy will fetch the web pages for your browser. The websites regard the IP of proxy as your IP so it cannot trace your real IP.

Http Proxy List

Proxy Compatibility

Web proxy has problems with flash and javascript. With some special code, web proxy manages to support youtube. But it can’t support hulu and other video websites. If a website uses javascript heavily, web proxy can’t support it usually.

For that reason, web proxy have to redirect users to the mobile/lite version of facebook, twitter, gmail, hotmail and yahoo mail. Web proxy can’t support the full functions of them.

In contrast, HTTP proxy supports all the websites perfectly. It’s because HTTP proxy is the built-in function of browser while web proxy is a website to simulate a proxy server.

Loading Speed

Web proxy needs to rewrite all the links of pages. It parses the html, style and script files of pages then rewrites all the links. It takes much time to do that. HTTP proxy doesn’t modify the pages. It only fetches pages for browser so it’s much faster than web proxy.

Moreover web proxy is usually written in PHP or CGI which is slower than C/C++. Most HTTP proxy is written in C/C++ so it’s faster.


HTTP proxy only fetches the pages for browser. It can’t modify the pages so it can’t encrypt the traffic. In contrast, web proxy can encrypt the URLs as well as the pages. There may be problem if you enable page encryption. With URL encryption, you can bypass most firewalls.

Enhanced Proxy

HTTP proxy is faster than web proxy and compatible with all the websites. But it doesn’t have encryption function so it can’t bypass the firewall with content filtering.

My IP Hide better than web proxy

Our service My IP Hide is a enhanced proxy service. It adds the encryption function into HTTP proxy service. It can set the proxy options of your browser automatically. You need not to do any settings for your browser. My IP Hide has all the advantages of web proxy and HTTP proxy. It’s the best method for anonymously surfing.

My IP Hide 1.03 Supports Mac OSX

We released My IP Hide 1.03 on Sept 9, 2012. It starts to support both Windows and Mac. All the Mac users using the version Mac OS X 10.5 and later can download and try it. We recommend all users updating to the latest version. It includes these changes.

My IP Hide Mac

  • Start to support Mac OS X 10.5 and later
  • Support switching proxy from the system tray (Windows) or menu bar (Mac)
  • Add an option for the behavior of double click the system tray (Windows)
  • Add an option: hide or close the program when click the close (X) button (Windows)

My IP Hide Introduction

My IP Hide is the client-end software of our encrypted proxy service. It can help you to unblock websites and protect your Internet privacy.

Unblock websites: In some companies or countries (ex. China, Egypt and Iran) the management blocks some websites (ex. facebook and youtube). My IP Hide can unblock the sites. It uses encrypted connections to bypass the firewall as well as content filtering system while ordinary proxy can only bypass IP/domain block.

Internet privacy: Websites know much information through your IP address. For example, from your IP we can know your country. My IP Hide can hide your IP to protect your Internet privacy.

Unblock facebook: Facebook is blocked in your company or country? My IP Hide is a secure facebook proxy. It uses encrypted connections to unblock facebook. It can bypass the advanced firwall while ordinary proxy can only bypass IP/domain block.

Unblock youtube: Youtube is blocked in your company or country? My IP Hide is a fast youtube proxy. It uses fast encryption to unblock youtube. It is much faster than VPN or SSH proxy. You can watch youtube smoothly with our service.

Is Proxy Safe to Use?

Is proxy safe to use? Is there a way to avoid giving away sensitive information to the proxy? This article answers those questions.

Question: Is proxy safe to use?

I just wanted to find out if proxies are safe. I mean can proxy’s record passwords etc when someone is surfing through them. Or can the owner place a sniffer and sniff out the content or hijack the connection.

Is there a way to avoid giving away sensitive information to the proxy or at least encrypting the information. Are there any tutorials on how to find proxies and use them from start to finish with security in mind. Thanks

Answer: It will be safe if you use an HTTP or socks proxy (IP:Port proxy) to access a secure (https://) website instead of a non-encrypted (http://) website. Secure websites such as PayPal use the encrypted (SSL/HTTPS) connections between the user and its server. Thus no one can know the sensitive data you sent or received.

For non-encrypted websites, it all depends on the proxy administrators. They are able to know the information you send and receive through the proxy. However, most proxies won’t record or monitor your traffic. They only transmit and receive data for you.

Web Proxy

If you are using a web proxy, your information may be intercepted even if you are accessing a secure website.

A private proxy is usually safer than a public proxy. It’s because the private proxy providers would lose their business if they stole the information from the users. You can try our safe proxy service. It encrypts the traffic to improve the security of your online activities.

Safe Proxy Service

Question: Proxy Safe and Internet Service Provider

I know that when I am using a proxy, my IP address is modified. But what are the configuration between my PC, my Internet Supplier and the proxy and the web?

Is it:
1. PC—-Internet Supplier——Proxy—-Web [or]
2. PC—-Proxy——Internet Supplier—-Web

In the first situation, the web doesn’t know me, but my supplier knows what I am doing. In the second one, how is it possible to connect to the proxy without using first my internet supplier?

Answer: PC <–> Internet Service Provider <–> Proxy <–> Web Server
Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) knows what you are doing on the Internet.

Question: That means that my ISP know that I’m using uTorrent and I’m loading Torrents. That means It is not safe? Where are the anonymity and security?

Is there any protection (encryption for example) for IP address and online privacy?

Answer: In fact, your ISP doesn’t know you are using uTorrent. They can only see you receive many data packets from different IPs and send data to them meanwhile. So ISP can guess you are using a P2P software.

ISP usually won’t monitor its users’ activity because there is a huge amount of data to analyze.

Most serious websites such as PayPal use the encrypted (SSL/HTTPS) connections between the user and its server. Thus no one can know the sensitive data you sent or received.

Question: Is proxy safe from tracers?

Is it possible for my real IP to be hidden totally from others if I use a proxy? I’m not too sure what it does but when I use it and run a browser and check my IP, my IP is changed. Does this mean I am safe from anyone who wants to trace my location?

Answer: You can use the proxy to surf to check whether it’s anonymous. If the proxy is anonymous, you are safe from ordinary tracers. But I’m not sure whether it’s safe if your tracer is FBI. As they have the time, energy and resources to find you.

Question: I am scared that the owner of the proxy server will steal my ID and PW of the game I play. Is it possible that somebody see my ID and PW through a proxy?

Answer: If the game program uses the encrypted connections, it’s usually safe. Otherwise, the administrator of the proxy server is able to know your username and password.