Does DNS Test Leak My Real IP Address?

The website which makes the DNS test can only know our DNS provider. It can’t know our real DNS settings or our real IP address behind the proxy.

Question: I use a proxy (in My IP Hide) in the United Kindom. But the DNS servers are in Belgium. Does it leak my real IP address?

Answer: The short answer is No. Below is the detailed explanation.

Websites Know Your DNS IP?

The websites which can show our DNS servers are using the same technology. We use this one as an example:

Here is the test result for our My IP Hide server (UK5).

DNS Leak Test
DNS Leak Test for UK5 Proxy

It seems that the website knows our DNS servers. In fact, it only knows the ISP of our DNS because our real DNS servers are and instead of 74.125.x.x.

Let’s see how it detects our DNS servers. First, it makes six new domain names such as these ones.

Then it uses javascript to make our browser to connect to those domain names. Our browser needs to know the IP address of them. So it makes a DNS query: “What is the IP address of”.

The query route looks like this: Our Browser -> UK5 Proxy -> -> other Google DNS servers ->  74.125.x.x -> the name server of (

What Are Those DNS IP?

Then the name server of knows we used 74.125.x.x to do a DNS query. It made six new domain names so it can get six  IP addresses which query those six new domain names.

But those IP addresses 74.125.x.x are just edge DNS servers which are on the optimal route. can’t even know their previous nodes. Neither can it know our real DNS servers ( or our real IP address which is behind the UK5 proxy. What it actually knows is our DNS provider, Google.

Use DNS Test to Check User’s IP?

First, DNS test can’t get the user’s exact location. For example, websites may get Belgium IP addresses for all the European users, and Taiwan IP addresses for all the Asian users if the users are using Google DNS

Second, DNS test is costly. It needs extra code to make many one-off domain names and read the logs from the name servers. It also wastes the Internet resources, by adding unnecessary DNS queries for those disposable domain names.

Because of the above two reasons (no exact location and costly), most websites won’t use DNS test to block foreign visitors. Getting the IP address from the user’s HTTP request is still the main method.

The Meaning of DNS Leak Test

If you don’t use any proxy/VPN and use the default DNS server settings. You should be using the DNS server of your ISP. You will see Comcast, Verizon, or AT&T in the DNS Leak test result.

In that case, your ISP knows all your DNS queries. Thus it can know all the websites you visited.  That is a DNS leak. Some bad ISP may send fake or invalid IP addresses to your DNS queries. Thus it can block some websites.

Moreover, a DNS test may know your exact location if you are using the default DNS servers of your ISP.

The meaning of the DNS leak test is to check whether you are using a safe DNS provider. These are safe DNS providers.

DNS Provider NamePrimary DNS ServerSecondary DNS Server
OpenDNS Home208.67.222.222208.67.220.220
Comodo Secure DNS8.
Norton ConnectSafe199.85.126.10199.85.127.10
Alternate DNS198.101.242.7223.253.163.53
Hurricane Electric74.82.42.42

How to Fix a DNS Leak

  • Use those safe DNS providers above
  • Use remote DNS if you are using a socks proxy
  • Use a version of OpenVPN newer than v2.3.9
  • Use an HTTP proxy which doesn’t have the DNS leak problem natively
  • Use My IP Hide which is an enhanced HTTP proxy service



How to Use My IP Hide in PS3

Question: I want to know how to use My IP Hide on my PS3?

Answer: You can run My IP Hide on your Mac/Windows computer. Then use your PS3 (PlayStation 3) to connect to My IP Hide.

However, My IP Hide only supports the browser on PS3. It doesn’t support the games.

1) Your PS3 and computer should be in the same LAN (WiFi).
2) Click the “Setting” button on My IP Hide
3) Go to the “Misc” Tab of the “Settings” dialog
4) You will see a Proxy IP (Server) and Port in that Tab


5) Set that proxy IP (server) and port in your PS3




Press the “Right” button all the way until you see the “Proxy Server” option. Then choose “Use” and click the “X” button.




6) When you exit My IP Hide on your computer, you should set your PS3 to use the direct connection. Otherwise, it can’t open any web pages.

How to use My IP Hide in iPhone?

This is a tutorial showing how use the proxy software My IP Hide in iPhone. It can help you to hide IP in your iPhone and surf anonymously.

Question: I want to know how to set it up on my iPhone to open the blocked Facebook and YouTube.

Answer: You can run My IP Hide on your Mac/Windows computer. Then use your iPhone to connect to My IP Hide to open blocked Facebook and YouTube.

1) Your iPhone and computer should be in the same LAN (WiFi).
2) Click the “Setting” button on My IP Hide
3) Go to the “Misc” Tab of the “Settings” dialog
4) You will see a Proxy IP (Server) and Port in that Tab


5) Set that proxy IP (server) and port in your iPhone



6) When you want to shut down your computer or exit My IP Hide on it, you should turn off the ‘HTTP Proxy’ option of your iPhone. Otherwise, it can’t open any web pages.

Set Firefox to Use Remote DNS

Question: How can I set Firefox to use remote DNS when I use socks proxy in Firefox? I check my DNS IP on but it shows my own DNS IP.

Answer: You can follow this instruction to set Firefox to use remote DNS.

1) In the URL address bar of Firefox, type about:config and enter.

2) You will see a warning page saying changing the advanced settings can be harmful. Click the button I will be careful to continue.

3) Then you can see all the advanced settings of Firefox.

firefox remote dns settings

4) Search dns to find the option network.proxy.socks_remote_dns

5) Double click the option network.proxy.socks_remote_dns to set it to true

Firefox always uses remote DNS when using Http proxy. Thus you don’t need to set the remote DNS option when you are using Http proxy.

What Program Changed Proxy Settings?

Follow this instruction to find what program changed proxy settings on your computer.

Question: I’m using your program My IP Hide to change IP address. But after a few seconds, my proxy settings will be restored to direct connection. What is the problem?

Answer: It seems that some program reverts your proxy settings. Follow this instruction to find what program changed your proxy settings.

First, you need the program Process Monitor. Download it from here:

1) Run it. You will see this dialog. Click the “Filter” button.

Monitor Proxy Settings

2) Add a filter rule. Show the entries whose path ends with “ProxyEnable”. Please type in the “ProxyEnable” by yourself. Then click “Add” and “OK” buttons.

Filter Proxy Settings

3) Click the “Start” button to start monitoring your system.

Program Changed Proxy Settings

4) Enable MyIPHide now. When MyIPHide says your proxy settings are changed by another program, click the “Start” button again to stop the monitor. Now see what program is shown there.

In that screenshot, you can see Elite Proxy Switcher (EPS.exe) changed the proxy settings besides My IP Hide (MIH.exe).

Is Proxy Safe to Use?

Is proxy safe to use? Is there a way to avoid giving away sensitive information to the proxy? This article answers those questions.

Question: Is proxy safe to use?

I just wanted to find out if proxies are safe. I mean can proxy’s record passwords etc when someone is surfing through them. Or can the owner place a sniffer and sniff out the content or hijack the connection.

Is there a way to avoid giving away sensitive information to the proxy or at least encrypting the information. Are there any tutorials on how to find proxies and use them from start to finish with security in mind. Thanks

Answer: It will be safe if you use an HTTP or socks proxy (IP:Port proxy) to access a secure (https://) website instead of a non-encrypted (http://) website. Secure websites such as PayPal use the encrypted (SSL/HTTPS) connections between the user and its server. Thus no one can know the sensitive data you sent or received.

For non-encrypted websites, it all depends on the proxy administrators. They are able to know the information you send and receive through the proxy. However, most proxies won’t record or monitor your traffic. They only transmit and receive data for you.

Web Proxy

If you are using a web proxy, your information may be intercepted even if you are accessing a secure website.

A private proxy is usually safer than a public proxy. It’s because the private proxy providers would lose their business if they stole the information from the users. You can try our safe proxy service. It encrypts the traffic to improve the security of your online activities.

Safe Proxy Service

Question: Proxy Safe and Internet Service Provider

I know that when I am using a proxy, my IP address is modified. But what are the configuration between my PC, my Internet Supplier and the proxy and the web?

Is it:
1. PC—-Internet Supplier——Proxy—-Web [or]
2. PC—-Proxy——Internet Supplier—-Web

In the first situation, the web doesn’t know me, but my supplier knows what I am doing. In the second one, how is it possible to connect to the proxy without using first my internet supplier?

Answer: PC <–> Internet Service Provider <–> Proxy <–> Web Server
Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) knows what you are doing on the Internet.

Question: That means that my ISP know that I’m using uTorrent and I’m loading Torrents. That means It is not safe? Where are the anonymity and security?

Is there any protection (encryption for example) for IP address and online privacy?

Answer: In fact, your ISP doesn’t know you are using uTorrent. They can only see you receive many data packets from different IPs and send data to them meanwhile. So ISP can guess you are using a P2P software.

ISP usually won’t monitor its users’ activity because there is a huge amount of data to analyze.

Most serious websites such as PayPal use the encrypted (SSL/HTTPS) connections between the user and its server. Thus no one can know the sensitive data you sent or received.

Question: Is proxy safe from tracers?

Is it possible for my real IP to be hidden totally from others if I use a proxy? I’m not too sure what it does but when I use it and run a browser and check my IP, my IP is changed. Does this mean I am safe from anyone who wants to trace my location?

Answer: You can use the proxy to surf to check whether it’s anonymous. If the proxy is anonymous, you are safe from ordinary tracers. But I’m not sure whether it’s safe if your tracer is FBI. As they have the time, energy and resources to find you.

Question: I am scared that the owner of the proxy server will steal my ID and PW of the game I play. Is it possible that somebody see my ID and PW through a proxy?

Answer: If the game program uses the encrypted connections, it’s usually safe. Otherwise, the administrator of the proxy server is able to know your username and password.