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With our multi-ip free web proxy, you can change IP address to our US or UK IP address as well as open any blocked sites such as facebook and youtube.

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How to Use Web Proxy?

Please input the URL of the blocked site into the left URL bar and click the "Surf!" button. Our multi-ip web proxy will fetch the page for you. Thus you can hide IP and open blocked sites.


My-Proxy Software

My IP Hide - Free Try
  • Unblock facebook, twitter, youtube and all
  • Encrypted privacy proxy service
  • Much faster than VPN and SSH proxy
  • More secure than ordinary proxy
  • Support all browsers with no/few settings

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My-Proxy Product

Elite Proxy Switcher
Elite Proxy Switcher (Free) is our proxy checker and switcher. It can check the proxy and set the proxy for your browsers automatically.
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My IP Hide
My IP Hide (Free Trial) is the client-end software of our encrypted proxy service. It can help you to unblock websites and hide your real IP.
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Free Proxy Service

My IP Hide
My IP Hide Encrypted proxy server to unblock websites. Surf facebook and youtube anywhere.
Buy Proxy
Buy Proxy Purchase daily fresh proxy list from us. Our premium proxy list is updated every minute.
Our new service My IP Hide is a fast encrypted facebook proxy. It's much faster than VPN/SSH Proxy and more secure than ordinary proxy. We strongly recommend using it to unblock websites such as facebook and youtube.
Elite Proxy Switcher
Our recommended way to get proxy, test proxy and use proxy.
Proxy List Service
Get daily fresh proxy list by only one click, easily and fast!
If you need many IPs, it's better to buy proxy list with which you can have more than one thousand IPs. Our new service premium proxy list is checked every minute. It's best for users who need all-working proxies.
Free Proxy
Free Proxy Our free http and socks proxy lists are updated every hour. Our another free proxy list is updated every 10 minutes.
proxy forum
Proxy Forum You are always welcome to our community, where many users share their classified proxy lists every day.
You can use anonymous http proxies to improve your online security and privacy. Anonymous proxies hide information about your computer in the request headers, so you can safely surf the Internet and your information will never be used in any way.
Socks Proxy Checker
Our recommended way to check socks proxy and use socks proxy.
Socks Proxy List
Get daily socks proxy list by only one click, easily and fast!
The vicious websites you visited may gather your personal information through your unique IP address. It may make you become a target for spam emails and spyware programs. So please surf carefully, using a proxy.
Proxy Checker
Proxy Checker Test the anonymity of the proxy you are using and see what webmasters can know from your browser.
IP Location
IP Location You can check the country of your proxy, other one's IP or website host by our free IP Location service.
You should make sure that you are using an anonymous proxy if you want to protect your online privacy and security. If you didn't find your real IP in our proxy checker page, you are doing well in protecting your online privacy.
Website Proxy Service
User our fresh proxies to build your own proxy list website.
Forum Proxy Leecher
Try to enjoy making daily fresh proxy list by yourself.
Nowadays web proxy is more and more popular because it's very easy to use. You can use them to get access to blocked websites at school or prevent your boss from knowing where you are really visited in work.