Elite Proxy Switcher 1.20 is Released

Elite Proxy Switcher 1.20 is released on July 11, 2012. It includes many improvements. We recommend all users updating to the latest version. It includes these changes.

  • Support testing whether a proxy supports Google searching
  • Improve the testing speed by 6.3%
  • Increase the number of working proxies by 7.5%
  • Use the new icons on toolbar
  • Do not check CoDeeN proxies any more because they vanished
  • Only check update at start up
  • Set focus to the IP input box in “Add Proxy” dialog
  • Don’t retry the list if “Test Speed” or “Test Anonymity” isn’t checked
  • Fix the bug that the professional edition cannot load list from free edition
  • Fix that the status of premium list is known is “Test Anonymity” isn’t checked
  • Fix that showing too many working proxies in the testing log sometimes

Elite Proxy Switcher

Elite Proxy Switcher Introduction

You can use Elite Proxy Switcher to protect your Internet privacy or access the blocked sites by hiding your real IP using a proxy.

Elite Proxy Switcher is a professional proxy checker and proxy switcher for your browsers. It can test the details (speed, anonymity, country, ssl, gateway, dangerous, google) of the proxy and automatically change the proxy settings of your browsers (IE, Firefox and Chrome).

Elite Proxy Switcher Features

  • Proxy Checker: professionally test the details of the proxies.
  • Proxy Switcher: quickly change the proxy settings of the browsers.
  • Proxy Downloader: get daily fresh proxy lists by just one click.
  • Proxy Manager: easily maintain your personal proxy list.

My IP Hide 1.02 is Released

We released My IP Hide on May 31, 2012. It includes many improvements. We recommend all users updating to the latest version. It includes these changes.

  • User can use the OK button to activate the service
  • Fix that there is no information for the new IP after first activation
  • Automatically signup a trial account if users didn’t register
  • Fix the wrong username and password by removing the space from them
  • Now the trial users can change their IP
  • Fix that it has no active proxy if the user doesn’t test the speed after activation
  • Check whether the license expires at start

My IP Hide

My IP Hide Introduction

My IP Hide is the client-end software of our encrypted proxy service. It can help you to unblock websites and protect your Internet privacy privacy.

Unblock websites: In some companies or countries (ex. China, Egypt and Iran) the management blocks some websites (ex. facebook and youtube). My IP Hide can unblock the sites. It uses encrypted connections to bypass the firewall as well as content filtering system while ordinary proxy can only bypass IP/domain block.

Internet privacy: Websites know much information through your IP address. For example, from your IP we know your country. My IP Hide can hide your IP to protect your Internet privacy.