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My-Proxy Product

Elite Proxy Switcher
Elite Proxy Switcher (Free) is our proxy checker and switcher. It can check the proxy and set the proxy for your browsers automatically.
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My IP Hide
My IP Hide (Free Trial) is the client-end software of our encrypted proxy service. It can help you to unblock websites and hide your real IP.
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Link Exchange System

We have 2 link pages. The links of IP:Port Proxy Sites are shown on our Proxy Sites page. The links of Web Proxy Sites are shown on our Web Proxy page. Our system updates those two lists daily.

Now the links of web proxy sites are also shown on free-proxy-list.net.

Dynamic Link Position

Sites are ranked higher automatically if they send us (my-proxy.com or free-proxy-list.net) more traffic. We show the top sites on every page including the home page. If you send us more traffic than others, our system will reward you by putting your link in a higher position.

Tips: Your site will be ranked higher if it sends traffic to both my-proxy.com and free-proxy-list.net.

Benefit of Link with My-Proxy

  • We have high Page Rank and Alexa rank in the proxy industry
  • We use raw link to our friend sites so that our PageRank can benefit them
  • We treat our friend sites fairly according to the traffic they send us

Link Exchange Requirements

  • Top domain, no free host
  • Less than 50 external links
  • Use raw link, no redirection or nofollow link
  • No adult, profane or illegal content
  • With an active user base
  • Honest, no fake traffic

Link Exchange Code

Text Link: Proxy List
Text Link: Free Proxy
Logo Link: Free Proxy List (size: 88x31)
Note: Your link will be shown on both My-Proxy and Free-Proxy-List.
Text Link: Web Proxy
Logo Link: Multi-IP Web Proxy (size: 88x31)

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Please submit your site to Proxy-Site.net too. It approves sites automatically. Your site will be shown on its home page immediately after it is approved.

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